We offer a variety of work, from functional stoneware and porcelain pots, to slab wall pieces and custom baby bowls.


We have a large range of items. Our standard ware is available on Etsy, but we have many one of a kind pots as well.

Platters and slab pieces are unique, and can be customized to your location.

Where To Buy

Our products are availible at multiple locations to suit your needs!

  • Etsy
  • Red Star Studios: 2011 Tracy Ave, Kansas City MO 64108. Telephone: (816)-474-7316
  • Anderson O’Brien: 1108 Jackson St, Omaha, NE 68102. Telephone: (402)-884-0911
  • At our studio and showroom: 40430 Lookout Rd, Fontana KS 66026. Call first to be sure we are home.
  • Mobile pottery shop: tell us what you want to see, we will bring it and meet you somewhere
  • We ship!
  • We also do custom wedding registry, Let us know your needs!

Product Useage Information

  • Our high-fire stoneware, porcelain functional pots, and baby bowls are lead free.
  • Functional Pots are safe to use in your oven, microwave or dishwasher.
  • Functional Pots should not be transferred directly from refrigerator to oven.
  • Platters are not recommended for oven use as it may lead to cracking.

Contact Us

We're availible through multiple forms of contact, please see below!

  • Telephone: 1-913-755-4455

  • Baby Bowls

    Custom Baby Bowls availible in blue and white porcelain.

    Please Provide:

    • Name

    • Birthdate

    • Choice of Design


    Microwave and dishwasher safe.


    Please Note: Depending where we are in the firing cycle, it can take up to two months for your bowl to be ready.



    Includes tax and shipping across continental US


    Gift wrap and gift card can be included with shipping if requested.

    white baby bowl with bear, name inscribed.

    About Us

    Both graduates of KCAI, Peter and Eva have been together, and working in clay, since high school.


    Peter is best known for his distinctive and recognizable patterned chargers and other large pieces, but he makes a full line of functional stoneware as well.


    He has an extensive show history in galleries across the country, and is part of numerous collections.


    Peter has also done many workshops, and has taught at the KC Art Institute and JCCC.


    Peter works full time as a studio artist. His work is available directly from his studio, as well as through his galleries.


    Eva works in porcelain. She likes lightweight elegant forms, and has fun decorating them with her face designs.


    The baby bowl is the only pot that Peter and Eva make together. Peter throws the porcelain and Eva decorates it.


    Our philosophy is to make the best, most useful pots we can. We both love to cook and use pots for everything. So should you!

    Peter and Eva.