Working in Clay Full-Time

Since 1983

About Us

Peter Wilkin has been a professional ceramic artist since 1983. He started making pots in high school, and has never stopped. He produces a full line of functional pots, but is best known for his large decorative chargers. He makes large platters and large slab installations. The tile pieces can be individual, or be made up of multiple pieces. They can be custom ordered to fit your interior or exterior space. All of Peter’s work is made of stoneware clay, and is fired to cone ten reduction in a large gas kiln.

Peter has an extensive and active show history in galleries across the country, and is part of numerous collections. He has participated in over 30 one-man and group shows, won over two dozen awards, and been in hundreds of competitions, invitationals, benefits, auctions and events.

Eva got her start in clay in high school with an independent study called Poetry Illustrated. She is also a Kansas City Art Institute ceramics graduate. She works in porcelain, making functional pots. Her favorite things to make are bowls. She likes lightweight elegant forms, and has fun decorating them with her face designs. 

The baby bowl is the only pot that Peter and Eva make together. Peter throws the porcelain and Eva decorates it.